Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love Notes DIY

Today I'll be sharing with you a great way to turn a heart shaped piece of paper into an envelope/note!

As you (reader who does not exist) may have noticed, I've been experimenting a little with the styles of my posts and tutorials. Hopefully I can get a nice one worked out by the time you exist!

1. Write a note in the middle of your heart.
2. Fold the sides in.
3. Fold the bottom part up.
4. Fold the top flap of the envelope down, and seal it with a bit of decorative (washi/fabric) tape or a sticker!

Variation: Instead of writing your note directly on the paper, you can make the envelope (utilizing glue in step three), and put your note in before you seal it. I guess no one would be able to tell after that, but hey- it would make me happy nonetheless!

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