Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drinking Straw Heart Paperclip

I make too many heart shaped paperclips... Here's another tutorial for one that's made using a fat bubble-tea/smoothie drinking straw.

 You will need a segment of a large straw (used for drinking bubble-tea, smoothies, and other things of that nature), and a pair of scissors.
Squash the straw flat.

Cut it as shown in the picture. You will only be using the middle section.

Cut on the straw where indicated by the dotted line (left picture)

This is what the heart will look like in front view.
... And when it's clipped onto the paper. The pic on the right shows what the heart looks like when it's flattened. I personally like the original look (left).

All in all, this isn't all that great for actually clipping papers together. But it's so cute! ^.^ Have fun making these! Oh, and I forgot to mention something... you can also use a regular sized straw, but it'll be really tiny.

For a heart shaped paperclip that actually attaches your papers together, click here.

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