Thursday, November 29, 2012

Orange Mini Roundup

It's not apparent at first, but orange is my favorite non-neutral color. The fact that I like neutral colors at all all isn't too apparent either. Anyhoo, enjoy this little compilation of orange crafts, ideas, decor, and products! (The orange things are in no apparent order.)

Orla Kiely Cross Hatch Stem Minilite Umbrella
We're kicking off the orange roundup with a this cute umbrella featuring a rustic looking orange pattern! Kind of remins me of an asterix.

Do your part for the environment with this nifty "stapler" that actually stitches papers together.

This is literally the strangest way to waste your time... ever. Turn your volume on, and you can hear them scream.

Definitely on my too do list. These are (almost) too pretty to eat!

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