Saturday, December 8, 2012

Les Arbres (a comic in French)

No posts lately, huh?

Well, that's because I've been hard at work drawing (on Paint Tool SAI) a comic strip project for French class...

And here 'tis:
Les Arbres by Elaine Cao

MAGIC. (Except the colors got kind of messed up. I think if you click the link and view it in Scribd, it gets better.

So here's the story (skip if you can read French):

Mara-tree: Hello!
Maurice-tree: Hello! My name is Maurice-tree! I'm going to the market for bottled water.
Mara-tree: My name is Mara-tree. My favorite type of bottled water is Dasani. I'm going to the little-market to buy some.
Maurice-tree: I love Fiji water. It's at the market.
*trees bid each other farewell*

(now Maurice-tree is at the market)
Maurice-tree: Hello, Matthew-tree. Some Fiji water, please! (they are a close-knit community)
Matthew-tree: Yes, good! (he likes doing business with Maurice-tree)

(Back outside)
Mara-tree: I have Dasani water.
Maurice-tree: I have Fiji Water.
Mia-tree (name not mentioned): I'm going to the post office to buy some eggs!
*trees stand in awkward silence*

I cannot tell you how difficult it was for Richard to grasp the concept that my characters were to be trees in pots on wheels. ("lolwut why trees?")

Fonts used: Little Snorlax, free for commercial use, and Elaine Hand, made using My Script Font, which is a really cool (and free!) site for turning your handwriting (as ugly as it may be, like mine) into a font. It actually made my handwriting look not that bad. Maybe it was because it's more consistent when typed. (the trees' speech bubbles were handwritten by me, not typed with the (new!) Elaine Hand font).

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