Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Notes- Heart Shaped Mini Notebook

Hello! Today I'll be sharing with you all a super fun way to turn make your own heart shaped notebooks!

1. Cut out half hart shapes- two for the covers and as many as you'd like as the pages. I did seven.
2. Arrange the pages/covers. This should be pretty self explanatory.
3. Staple them all together, and cover them with a bit of cute tape! The kind I used can be found in the shop tab. ^-^
4. Viola! That was so easy, and the results are absolutely adorable. This tutorial is so easily adaptable and can be used to make a notebook in almost any shape. (Just try not to get too intricate, or it'll be impossible to write in!)

Here are some square ones that I made following the same basic steps. Materials used- lined paper, newspaper, IKEA catalog, polka dot and floral fabric tape (for purchase in the shop tab!)

Yes, it's an Instagram photo.

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