Friday, August 17, 2012

Upcycling- Colored Pencil Holder From a Wafer Roll (yum) Tin

Well, here's another super easy project for you. Yesterday, I found a nice tin container for cream wafer rolls just sitting there. Can you believe that? Just sitting. OK, maybe not so impressive. But anyway, I covered it up with some white paper, and decorated it with some of that lovely lace tape featured in the shop... and it was a perfect fit for all my colored pencils!
After that, I absolutely scoured the house for more. I came up with two that were slightly wider than the one I'm currently using for my colored pencil storage, but they should be fine too. Notice that there is a lot of iPhone photography going on. I was too lazy for real pictures. Ah well. Maybe I'll fix it later.

**Update- Pictures have been (sort of) fixed! I mean... they're still kind of terrible >.<

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