Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Goodies!

I'm a procrastinator.

Kay then. This year, however, I compiled so many cute treats to make for Christmas that I actually managed to whip up something cute for my friends.

Now, there's no time left for me to photograph, edit, and write posts for these, but I've compiled a nice list of them for you guys :)

These little candy cane hearts look super cute wrapped up in a cellophane bag and tied with a scrap of fabric. (I ripped strips of an old blue ballpoint pen colored plaidish flannel shirt, then tied little bows to close the bags- cute!) A nice Christmas sprinkles assortment can be found at Target for $5. ;)

Here's what my teacher gifts look like this year! Hot chocolate in a cone. In my variation, I added a candy cane stirrer to the cone, and used regular mini marshmallows. For my algebra teacher, I wrote a little equation to go along with it:

[Mr. Name] had 1 oz of hot chocolate mix, 0.5 oz of mini marshmallows, and a candy cane that weighed 0.5 oz, given to him by his favorite-est student ever (Elaine). To make the hot chocolate, [Mr. Name] needs to add hot milk. Write an equation in slope-intercept form where y equals the total weight, in ounces, of [Mr. Name]'s hot chocolate. (Excluding weight of mug)

Ans: y=x+2 :D

And here is my favorite one! It's a teeny brown bag with a glitter clothespin, as seen on my Instagram. Below I'll post the ideas I used that kind of melded into this!

Well, I think you all know how to make these already. (If you're lazy like me, you pretty much just use a glue stick). This image is attractive (Hence I used it).  :)

Adorable, right? I followed this tutorial to make my cute little bags... GAH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I DUN WANNA GIVE THEM AWAY!!! (sorry)

Oh! And last but not least, tags! This was my favorite tag set found on the internet this year is from The Sweetest Occasion:
Here are some others that I liked, from various places around the web:
Have you seen these cuties from Craft and Creativity? They remind me of IKEA!

So tiny. So simple. Not that useful for me at the time... BUT SO TINY!!!

I'll leave it at that! Enjoy your holiday season, and check out some of these great last minute sweeties for under the (tiny) tree! (Because they would probably look awkward and get stepped on under a full sized one.)

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