Monday, January 7, 2013

My First Blog Award!

Long time no post... Did everyone have a nice, relaxing holiday? I hope so! :)

Anyhoo, I recently got a nice little comment on the lightbox post from Aki at Minted Strawberry.

Whoa. Liebster Award. From Aki at Minted Strawberry. What's that? Thus, I did some internet-ing, and found this out:

  1. It's an award to give to bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  2. Each person must post 11 random facts about themselves
  3. Answer the 11 questions left by the tagger
  4. And leave 11 questions for the (up to) 11 blogs you tag.
  5. Link those blogs in your post, then go tell them at their blogs- with a link back to you.
  6. If they/you choose to accept, they/you are to make a post similar to this one here.
Anyhoo, here are 11 random facts about me:
  1. I have tried to keep a journal many, MANY times in the past. It has resulted in a lot of wasted notebooks with like 30 of the pages written in.
  2. For the reason above, as well as some others, I will never have a moleskine.
  3. Crocheting is something I can't do, but I wish I could, so that I could spend my days making these.
  4. My iPod case is a baby piggie with a crown and a diaper. I love it. I thas saved the life of my iPod at least 50 times
  5. My screensaver is the rainbow bubbles. I love it when they bump into each other. It's hard to explain.
  6. Tumblr... MADE A TUMBLR! (Tanks to Rachel -.-) (it's going to ruin my life)
  7. American Eagle, Fossil, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, ACE Hardware, Costco, and Froyo World are the best places ever to spend your money. Not that I have any. I've never actually bought any from J. Crew or Restoration Hardware. I just like to go look at the stuff.
  8. Button downs. Oh yes. Love 'em. Combat boots, too.
  9. Instagram addict. (I am)
  10. I'm wearing Christmas pants! Even though it's after Christmas. xD
  11. I'm in MathCounts, and it's awesome. Mathletes have the most fun.

Here are Aki's questions, which I shall now answer...

1. What is your favorite activity during your down-time? 
Blogging, drawing, making things... stuffs like that. Also stalking people.
2. What keeps you inspired to blog?
How About Orange! It was the blog that got me into the blogosphere in the first place. Jessica Jones is amazing!
3. What is something you can't sleep without? (A ritual, object, something)
Uhm... a shower?
4. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I'm currently in 8th grade, and taking an AP Chinese prep course. I plan to take the exam this year. I think a common misconception is that anyone Asian is automatically a master of Chinese... not true.
5. What is your favorite color?
Why.. must you ask this?!?! (Well, right now I'm leaning in favor of a nice pale, icy blue)
6. Where do you get your blog entry ideas?
Well... pretty much anywhere and everywhere.
7. What is something you can't live without?

Oh, the norm: food, water, shelter, clothing, the internet, paper, blankets, etc.
8. What is your wish for the upcoming year?

To craft more and be happy :)
9. What is your favorite food?

Uhh... I eat so much food, it's hard to choose. I'll pick 3: first, the drunken noodle from a local Thai restaurant. Delish, and not actually containing any alcohol. Two would be rice pudding. And finally, the AMAZING green beans my mom makes. Green beans? I know, strange. If you haven't had them, you just don't understand... (Most people don't "understand")
10. What is your most favorite time of the year?
Early to mid fall. It's gorgeous here in New England, and the temperature is perfect. Besides that, Christmastime. Christmas is such a happy time!
11. What do you usually do on your birthdays?
Not much, really... I just chill a little more than usual.

Here are my nominations:

And here are my questions!

  1. What is the worst purchase you have ever made?
  2. What do your favorite shoes look like?
  3. What is your favorite type of exotic fruit? (Exotic is open for interpretation)
  4. Do you have a favorite TV show? What is it?
  5. What kind of camera do you use?
  6. When was the last time you went on vacation... how was it? :)
  7. What are your favorite animals?
  8. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?
  9. Do you like eggs?
  10. Who was the last person you called?
  11. Do you collect anything? And if so, what?

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